About the Board



Marsha Eileen Castle CPA, CIRA, CFE
Squar Milner, LLP
Phone: 858-320-8963
Email: eileencastle@sandiegoacfe.org

Vice President

David Kyman MSAFA, CFE
Phone: (619)991-0995
Email: davekyman@sandiegoacfe.org


Cori Hoch, MBA, CFE
City of San Diego Public Works Department
Phone: 619-519-3025
Email: CoriAHoch@sandiegoacfe.org


Jere Batten CPA, CFE
Batten Accountancy, Inc.
Phone: (619)501-6359
Email: jerebatten@sandiegoacfe.org

Director & Immediate Past President

Ian Kelly-Thomas CFE
LPL Financial
Phone: 619-702-9776
Email: iankellythomas@sandiegoacfe.org

Director & Immediate Past Secretary

Andy Horita CPA, CFE
Office of the City Auditor
Phone: 720-837-4499
Email: andyhorita@sandiegoacfe.org

Director & Immediate Past Secretary

Terence Teen CFE
Guild Mortgage Company
Phone: 760-542-6619
Email: terenceteen@sandiegoacfe.org


Chuck Cochran, CFE, CPI
C.R. Cochran & Associates
Phone: (619) 691-6379
Email: charlescochran@sandiegoacfe.org


David White CPA, CFE, ISHC
Phone: (619) 286-5250
Email: davidwhite@sandiegoacfe.org